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Holstein Electric Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program 

Our apprenticeship program was started in house its a program where someone can learn and most importantly earn. You work full time and have class on fridays we are a hands on school with years of experience. Our course teachers are our entire company classes are taught on fridays by Taylor Nees but every person in our company is a teacher you will learn more through the people you are around day to day than any class room can teach you. Our curriculum is based around the NCCER curriculum. Classes start in august and will go through april. For 4 years you will attend class and there is alot of hands on in class. As well as NEC code quizes to prepare you for your license.

Apprentice requirements

1. 662 Class room hours

2. 8,000 OJT hours

3. You are only allowed 3 missed days of class

4. We will take 20$ out of your paycheck each week and when you graduate you get 1/2 back and when you pass your test you get the other half back.

We are looking for people to invest in we are not looking to just have an employee we want someone who is wanting to grow with us and continue to grow in there career.

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